In olden days farming is really a cultural part of Kerala. Nowadays farming culture is vanishing from our land. But the J-YES Farms plays a vital role in order to sustain the farming culture suitable to present ambience without losing any traditional value by holding every ones hand.

'Manninae ariyu manushyanaku'

J-YES Farms is located at Neendoor in Kottayam (Kerala) district. The farms are running under the ownership of Mr.Joy Lukose Chemmachel (a business man in the USA), son of Lukose & Mary, they are the inspiring peoples in order to start the J Yes farms. While you reach at the entrance, there you can see some writings on our farm's wall. First one is "Evarkkum Swagatham" which means "We welcome all without having any social discrimination". And the second one is "Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu," it's a Sanskrit mantra which means that "May all the beings in all the worlds become happy and peace be everywhere! Throughout the year". When you enter into our farms you can see lawns on both sides of the way with water fountains and also placed some monuments which resemble the olden days. Mr.Joy's family is sculptured in a corner of the farm with his father, mother, brothers & sisters. On our farms the farming are doing in club with nature by conserving it without making any harm. We focus on various fields such as Agricultural, Animal husbandry, Dairy farm, Fish farm, Grass farm, Medicinal plants farm, Organic farm, Poultry farm & Vegetable farm. Along with farming, our farms have a Plant nursery, Landscape Garden, An agricultural museum which comprises of old & traditional farming implements and household objects, A wind mill which produces 5000 watts current, Kids playing area & also there is an open space cafeteria too. Most of the day our farms get busy with our esteemed visitors without any limit, in weekends & holidays the place gets filled especially with families. Our farms are stretched with several types of Animals, Birds, Fishes & Plants. And we are very glad in order to gave jobs for peoples in various fields of the J Yes farms. The people who are very fond of farming & our products can buy the items directly from our farms.

We welcome you all to the 'Karshika Gramam' a land of real life that merged with the nature.

Our Management

Mr.Joy Lukose Chemmachel



Our Expertise

Agricultural Farm
Animal Husbandry
Dairy Farm
Fish Farm
Medicinal Plants Farm
Poultry Farm
Vegetable Farm